DeepSea – Big Data analytics and automation

Pain point
Vital business data and records is today scattered across many systems and services creating a fragmented view of the business and makes it hard, if not impossible, to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

At the same time, regulators and clients require an aggregated view of all information to enable holistic reporting and on-line services.

Our solution
Our DeepSea offering is an open platform that captures business records, e.g. transactions, from the systems and sources that you use in your daily business operation. The records are streamed and stored into a Big Data engine where the information is combined with data from other internal or external sources, compiled, organized and analyzed in data pipelines, and presented in accordance with business requirements and applicable regulations.

With DeepSea your business and decisions becomes data-driven, based on current and factual information from all the connected sources. Combining the new incoming data with older data empowers you to make predictions and accurate forecasting of e.g. revenues and costs.

All records, insights and findings are available for immediate actions and monitoring - or compiled for reporting to other systems and services. Interactions and transactions are presented in a timeline where you can filter and sort the records via a HTML based GUI.

The information can be extracted and sent to the competent authority and clients when requested as required in MiFID II or other regulations.

DeepSea - Use case (1).png