Reg&Tech Solutions gives you actionable business insights based on all the data generated and consumed in your daily business activities.

We make best use of the latest achievements within software technology to capture, organize, analyze and present business records and client data in compliance with the existing and coming regulations in the Finance and Insurance Sector.

Our solutions and platforms

Know-Your-Data is the common theme for all our solutions. Our team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers develops and applies advanced analytics, e.g. machine learning, to automate processes and extract value out of your business data.


– Big Data platform

Analyze and keep track of all your business transactions and interactions.

DeepSea makes use of the latest advancements in Big Data analytics and automation. It connects to your source systems and records structured and unstructured data.


– Legal entity management

Manage your client and counterparty information and identifiers.

Layla gives you a full and updated view on all Legal Entity Identifiers, LEI codes, and compiles it with the ownership data (Level 2) and data from your other internal and external sources.


– Implementation and support

All our solutions are developed and fully supported by our team.

We are a client centric team that works in close cooperation with our clients implementing, supporting and adding new features and functions.








The team at Reg&Tech Solutions has built mission-critical systems and solutions for many leading financial institutions worldwide. The core development team comes from Baymarkets Technology and have provided transactional systems, e.g. matching engines and front-end systems, in a highly regulated environment. At Reg&Tech Solutions we take this in-depth knowledge even further by applying the latest achievements within software development and technologies creating solutions that captures, organizes, analyzes and presents information from in-house and external systems and services.

Our operational and client-facing experience comes from building strong client-centric teams at Baymarkets Technology, Orc Software and Neonet Securities. A close and transparent cooperation with our clients is the key to deliver solutions that add value to our clients' businesses.



Our stack

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